New Zealand
Fly fishing

Enjoyed for its diversity, natural beauty and high fish numbers

Over New Zealand’s relatively small land mass there are a high number of options available for the keen angler. An impressive combination of diversity, stunning landscapes and high fish numbers – with high average sizes – reliably produces memorable experiences.



Both brown and rainbow trout are mostly the target species for fly fishing anglers. They thrive in pristine environments and are predominately made up of wild populations. Average size fish range from 3 – 4lb. Salmon can be targeted in parts of the South Island.



The season starts 1st October ends either the end of April, May or June ( depending on what Fish & Game region you are in). When the season is closed over the winter period there are still bountiful opportunities for fly fishing.


Best time to go

New Zealand is blessed with having superb accessible fishing all year round. October, in particular,  a great time as the fish haven’t seen an angler for some time.

The best dry fly fishing can be enjoyed in December to March. Late season fishing in April/May is appealing also as it is a prime time of year to target large brown trout.

Fly fishing in the winter over the months May to September is also very productive, and popular with locals, in certain parts of the country where major spawning runs up occur up lake tributaries found in Taupo or Rotorua.


Fly Fishing North Island

The interesting geology of the North Island has resulted in many major lakes being formed in old volcanic craters. It also gives way for trout streams rising high in the hills and mountains in a high quality water environment. A rich diversity in history and culture makes it a great destination for travel in general.

Key highlights are:

  • Winter fly fishing in Taupo and the Tongariro river
  • Excellent back country fishing found in the Hawkes Bay region
  • Wild trophy rainbow trout and high fish numbers in various locations

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Fly Fishing South Island

The South Island can offer excellent fishing amidst scenery unparalleled anywhere in the world. It is the scenery and the challenge the fishing provides that makes the South Island a premier fly fishing destination. From mountain streams to turquoise lakes there is plenty to choose from. The South Island offers a great deal of adventure sports also making it an exciting experience aside from great fishing.

Key highlights are:

  • Dry fly fishing the Mataura river
  • The scenery and adventure of Fiordland
  • The diversity of fishing Central Otago and its nearby attractions

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