NZ Fishing Licences Information


Purchasing a fishing licence is essential when fly fishing in New Zealand. Licenses exist to help fund the protection of the fishery and its waterways. Fines can reach up to $5,000 max., which can also include the confiscation of equipment, if you are found without a licence or even not having the correct licence. It is recommended to acquire a license in advance of your fishing trip to minimise stress and maximise your time out fishing.


Taupo Fishing Licence

If you are fishing in the Lake Taupo district you will need a Taupo fishing licence that is administered by the Department of Conservation. Please note that a NZ Fish & Game licence is not required if you only intend to fish in the Taupo area. The Lake Taupo district includes Lake Taupo and all tributaries flowing into it. Waterways also include:

  • Lake Otamangakau
  • Moawhango
  • Lake Kuratau
  • Lake Rotoaira (an additional permit is required here also)
  • Waikato River to Huka Falls


Where to buy a Taupo license?

It is possible to purchase a Taupo fishing licence online that includes licences for different durations. A list of licencing agents can be found here.


Fish & Game Licence

If you intend to fish outside of the Lake Taupo district you will require a NZ Fish & Game licence.

If you are a non-resident and wish to fish longer than 1 day you are required to purchase a Non-Resident Licence which is a licence for the whole season.

Along with resident anglers, additional licensing can then be applied for once a Non-Resident Licence has been obtained. The Backcountry Endorsement (at no extra cost) can be required depending where you are fishing for the Otago, Wellington, Nelson/Marlborough, West Coast or Southland areas. Once a Backcountry Endorsement has been obtained a Controlled Fishery Licence can be purchased which is required for certain rivers that exist in Otago and Southland.

Your guide will advise if you need these special licence types closer to the time of your trip and Reel Escapes Concierge is always available to you handle your licensing queries. More information on Fish & Game licences can be found here.


Where to buy a Fish & Game license?

You can purchase a Fish & Game license: online, by telephone 0800 LICENCE (0800 542362), or in person at most local sports and fishing stores in New Zealand.

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